Snow Daze Shred Pod LE 43" Blue Molded Foam Kneeboard Snow Sled

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The Shred Pod LE sleds are the world's first fully molded kneeboard for sliding down snow covered hills and slopes on your knees or while sitting and includes unique X-Fin for straight tracking

The Snow Daze Shred Pod LE 43" Blue Molded Foam Kneeboard Snow Sled Features Include

  • The Shred Pod LE kneeboard sled measures approximately 43" Long x 21" Wide
  • Fully molded closed cell foam with 3-D contouring for ultimate kneeboarding comfort
  • Super soft and comfortable foam riding and sitting area for ultimate comfort and grip
  • Slick bodyboard style graphic bottom for speed and built-in fin for straight tracking
  • Two (2) Heavy-duty hand grip handles
  • Super cool and colorful graphics
  • FREE standard shipping in US (lower 48 states)